Hi, I'm Jennifer and I'll present you the Online Booking Control page.

Hi, I’m Jennifer and

I’ll present you the Online Booking

Control page.

Online Booking Software Add-on

Open your salon to new appointments opportunities 24/7/365 with the most effective fully-responsive online booking salon software on the market.

As a fully-integrated feature, Online Booking Software Add-on allows you to take appointments and upfront payments without the risk of overlapping or double-booking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Allow your clients to create appointments online, increasing exposure and availability of your services. clients booking online will free up your front desk staff and allow them to use more of the marketing features of our software.

Online Booking Software

Online Booking Software

Automated booking means that confirmed bookings are entered directly into the appointment book, not just a booking request.
Online Booking Software has built in smart system that manages the staff and ensures that they are not over allocated.

The services and staff that are offered online are fully configurable by salon. Optionally, the Online Booking Software can attribute a cost to a service or take a deposit.

Each booking is confirmed with an email and Online Booking Software has built in support for SMS appointment messaging and allows the salon to control the details of the message and the delivery schedule.

Online Booking Software enables salon clients to view the status of their appointments through their own online account.

Online Booking Software adapts to the way the salon wants to control their appointment book.

The booking process is simple and quick to use for clients. Step 1, the customer searches for availability, finds a time that they want and then confirms. The appointment appears in the salon’s diary and allocated so it can’t be booked again.

More and more people are utilising a smart phone to help assist them with the routine tasks in their lives. Whether it be online banking, ordering a pizza or finding directions to the cinema, the smart phone is now a major part of all our lives and is here to stay. And in these modern, fast moving times its important the salon keeps with the demands of their clients and offers them access to salon services direct from their smart phone as well as from their computer. Online Booking Software

The BeautyShopSoftware mobile booking system works through the smart phones mobile browser, automatically detects the presence of a mobile device and then redirecting the customer to an optimised web site for mobile online booking.

As with the full web version, the mobile online booking checks for availability in salon agenda in real time. So when the customer confirms the appointment they can be sure the service has been reserved without the need for any additional work by the salon.

With the BeautyShopSoftware mobile online booking system an appointment opportunity can be searched, found and confirmed in less an a minute.

The customer selects their required service from a the list of services offered online by the salon.

The customer selected their preferred staff BeautyShopSoftware will only list those staff that are trained to perform the selected service.BeautyShopSoftware understands the relationships between services and will automatically link services and staff if required.

The customer selects their preferred date/day.

BeautyShopSoftware presents the customer with a list of available time slots for the appointment.

A summary of the booking with confirmation of the total service price is displayed ready for confirmation.

Give your clients the option and reason to book an appointment with your business from the comfort of their desk. Staff as well can login and view upcoming appointments as an added convenience. Most definitely a must have for the modern business.

– Confirmed bookings are entered directly into the appointment book
– Built in smart system that manages the salon diary and understands the relationship between service types
– Online service offering is fully configurable by salon
– Enabling salon clients to book a service, simply and securely in real time.
– A salon can use BeautyShopSoftware to eliminate the cost of ‘No Shows’.
– Become easy to do business with, and watch your profits soar.
– Eliminate the cost of ‘No Shows’
– Optionally take payments for bookings
– Optimised Online Booking for Mobile Devices
– Simple, Intuitive User Experience
– Compatible with all mobile devices. iPhone, Android, Samsung etc
– Custom services, service info.
– Personal Profiles
– Smartphone Bookings
– Facebook Share Gate
– Click and book
– Anywhere, On The Move, Online Booking

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