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Hi, I'm Paul and I'll present you the Add-ons page.

Hi, I’m Paul and

I’ll present you the Add-ons page.

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Who gives you  more?
Over and above the standard features you come to expect from a business management system, Salon Software Add-ons goes even further to give you more! From Integrated features, through to ‘Real time’ online appointment bookings and total management, no stone has been left unturned.

Remote Online Back Up Salon Software Add-ons
Keep your critical files and data safe.

Salon Software Add-ons

Salon Software Add-ons


Security for your business
Security of business critical data and Business Continuity are vital issues that are high on the agendas of Senior Management, Directors and Partners. The ability to secure business and customer client data in the event of a disaster is essential to both the continuity of the business and the protection of customer and client’s interests. Loss of data related to customers and clients can have adverse impact on an organisation, both up and down the business supply & delivery chains.

Your Secure 24/7 BackUp Edition is a secure Salon Software Add-ons, automated backup system that intelligently backs up critical files to a remote or local storage server, ensuring that your business data is safely under corporate control and securely available from any connected computer.

For most BeautyShopSoftware users even if you have a small network of PC’s, the Desktop product quoted below will be more than adequate as we can set 24/7 to back up the “salon” data and any other relevant documents.

A server license solution is available for group environments where data is polled back to a central point and can be backed up on a global level. Please call for bespoke pricing and more information.

Remote Access Salon Software Add-ons
Complete control over your business wherever you are. Access from anywhere at any time.


BeautyShopSoftware offers a variety of options so that wherever you are you can keep in complete control of your business to ensure that even when you are away you can keep on top of day to day runnings. There are various ways in which you can access your data, speak to one of the sales team at BeautyShopSoftware who will be able to recommend which solution is best for your business. The client solutions allow you to perform centralised bookings, or simply dial in and see what’s going on whilst you are away. The system is strictly password controlled ensuring that you decide who has access and to what.

Gift Cards, Voucher Cards,  Loyalty Cards, Salon Software Add-ons
Reward your most valuable customers

Gift cards, vouchers and loyalty cards are fully provided for within BeautyShopSoftware. Serial number tracking is available on issue and redemption.  Both pre set amount and flexible value cards and vouchers are available. It offers a choice of single salon gift vouchers or vouchers that can be used across a group of salons. In both cases balances can be checked on demand. Full reporting on activity and liability is included.

Customer Courses Cards Salon Software Add-ons – Track your Customer activity
Staff Rota Cards Salon Software Add-onsTrack your Staff Member activit

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty Cards

Keeping in touch with your clients and looking after them is key to client retention and a strong business. Over the years Client Loyalty Schemes have proven to increase both retention and client spend.

BeautyShopSoftware incorporates a wealth of ways to automatically reward your clients. From simply rewarding total visit spend to targeting quite days and times of the week you wish you build up, products and services you wish to encourage, through to birthday and high flyer rewards, BeautyShopSoftware offers a flexible way to run your Client Reward Scheme.


Full reporting is available on scheme activity and liability, customer receipts show the visit activity. You can even supply mini statements and market your clients using details extracted from their record card. Detailed reports are included on all aspects of both card and loyalty activity.

SMS Text Messages Salon Software Add-ons

Text Marketing is about understanding your clients so that you retain them and introduce them to new products and services. BeautyShopSoftware provides advanced campaign management to help you do exactly that. When you have defined a campaign you can use it to send SMS messages.

Using the information Salon Software Add-ons has stored, data can be used for all types of marketing strategies such as non-returning clients, upcoming birthday, clients not already purchasing products, clients purchasing only certain product lines and much, much more.

sms beautyshopsoftware

Email Marketing Newsletter

Email’s an awesome tool for marketing your business. It’s easy, it’s efficient, and if you go through our feature, you will find out how easily you can deliver sales messages to people who sign up for them.

Low Cost email marketing totally automated and easy to setup.
Event Promotions – Special Occasions – Target and timely

EmailMarketing beautyshopsoftware

Virtual Tours Salon Software Add-ons

A Reality 3D Virtual Tours allow your client to not just view your location but also to experience it. Want to find out more about the architecture? Then click on a Hotspot. With the rise in iDevices like the Android, iPad and iPhone interactive media is becoming increasingly used and expected in websites. So virtual tours now do not just illustrate, they educate in their own right. All of our virtual tours are custom built for each client.

VirtualTours beautyshopsoftware

Full System – BeautyShopSoftware License + Desktop PC + Receipt Printer + Cash Drawer + Barcode Scanner + Voucher Gift Cards


Hardware Package Desktop Full System – Salon Software Add-ons

Full System – BeautyShopSoftware License + Laptop + Receipt Printer + Cash Drawer + Barcode Scanner + Voucher Gift Cards


Hardware Package Laptop Full System – Salon Software Add-ons

Full System – BeautyShopSoftware License + MacBook + Receipt Printer + Cash Drawer + Barcode Scanner + Voucher Gift Cards


Hardware Package MacBook Pro Full System – Salon Software Add-ons

Full System – BeautyShopSoftware License + iMac + Receipt Printer + Cash Drawer + Barcode Scanner + Voucher Gift Cards


Hardware Package iMac Full System – Salon Software Add-ons


Software updates – Software upgrade

Upgrade your software to the next edition and you will have a lot more great features to manage your business. Check and Request the updates for your software edition and you will have as a bonus a free feature for your update.

Software updates - Software upgrade

Software updates – upgrade

Hardware Addons For Your System – Laptops

laptop beautyshopsoftware
macbook beautyshopsoftware

Receipt printers


Cash drawers


Hardware Addons For Your System – Tablets

tablet beautyshopsoftware
tablet beautyshopsoftware
tablet beautyshopsoftware

Barcode scanners


Web cameras


Paper rolls

paper_rolls beautyshopsoftware

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