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Salon Text Marketing, Reduce No Shows by up to 89%!

Confirming appointments by text message just makes sense. Economical and convenient and your clients will love the service. Text messaging will save hours of manpower and is completely automatic.

Appointment reminder SMS text messages Salon Text Marketing have been proven to reduce no shows but it doesn’t have to stop there. SMS is the most direct and effective way to reach your target customers with personalised sms shots.

Text messaging also helps you quickly send marketing promotions tailored especially to your clients’ needs. This personalized approach is proven to be one of the most effective ways of reaching clients.

BeautyShopSoftware Text messaging is an integrated text message service that lets you communicate more efficiently with your clients.

With Salon Text Marketing, you can automatically confirm bookings via SMS, reducing the number of no-shows and cutting back the time you spend on the phone confirming appointments. Text messaging is fully integrated with BeautyShopSoftware.

Salon Text Marketing

Salon Text Marketing

The salon controls when the schedule for when the reminders are sent. This can be the day of the appointment or any-time before.
Each appointment reminder message can be personalised with the customers name and appointment details.

Salon Text Marketing, Salon Marketing

Simple question: How will text messaging help my business?
By saving you time and money. Here is what a few users have already told us:

“Confirming our appointments by text message is so much easier and quicker than calling people. That took a lot of time, we didn’t always make all the calls and never got through to everybody. Some people didn’t appreciate the call as they were at work or busy. Using text messaging is much more discreet and we can confirm all of the next days appointments in a minute or two. Phoning would tie up the salons phone line, take 2 or 3 hours and cost us more on our phone bill than we pay for text messaging.”

“Customers like receiving the reminders as sometimes they tell us they would have forgotten. Some call us back or text us back and rearrange which is better than not turning up as we can then offer a cancellation slot to people on our list.”

“If we have gaps in our bookings we send out texts to customers we haven’t seen for a while and offer them a promotional price just for the quiet times. It works well and we have to be careful not to send out too many texts so as not to disappoint customers when we’re 100% booked.”

“We text some customers to send us their feedback either by email or text to make sure they’re happy or if we could have done anything different or better for them.”

Hi, I'm Nicolas and I'll present you the Text Reminders Control page.

Hi, I’m Nicolas and

I’ll present you the

Text Reminders Control page.


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