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POS (point of sale) feature is a lightning fast cash till, where all aspects of payment are handled in a simple step-by-step manner. You will manage vouchers, discounts, loyalty cards and promotions quickly and easily. You can even handle the difficulty of paying for a group of services and products in one transaction. All transactions can be monitored from home if you are away, or from another pc/laptop if you have a multi-location business. At the end of each day, a simple one report up feature will wrap up all the days takings into a professional report.

Point of Sale Systems

Point of Sale Systems

Our salon Point of Sale Systems software are a completely hassle-free retail system that does most of the work for you! With a barcode scanner, you can easily scan products at checkout, and we’ll automatically update your inventory.

Confidently manage promotions by having discounts automatically apply when certain criteria are met.
Process your business transactions with ease while your Point of Sale Systems  that automatically compiles client history and performance statistics.

Adding walk-in services to a sale can be easily done even if the appointment doesn’t appear in the planner. This makes it suitable for salons that still prefer to use the traditional appointment book.

The sales process is simple and quick, whether it be checking out from the appointment planner or creating a new product sale.
As well as the sale details the salon gets to choose what else is including on the receipt.

The checkout system automatically deducts discount for customers that have been allocated a discount level by the salon manager/owner. This makes is easy for the salon owner to control discounts in the salon.

Each time a sale is produced from the appointment diary the appointment status in the diary is updated to clearly mark completed and paid appointments.

Point of Sale Systems requires each user to log on and this is used to track all all actions on the system.

– Fast and easy checkout process
– Fully customisable receipt
– Easy to add walk-in services
– Merge Customer Bills
– Custom discount vouchers and levels
– Linked to appointment diary

Hi, I'm Stef and I'll present you the Point of Sale Control page.

Hi, I’m Stef and

I’ll present you the

Point of Sale Control page.

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