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Facebook Marketing Salon Services

Facebook Marketing Salon Services

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Social media is a powerful effective tool when you need to communicate and interact with your community in real time.
BeautyShopSoftware links directly with your Facebook and Twitter accounts so salon updates can be posted quickly and easily.

It’s always important to keep salon clients updated with the latest offers and promotions. Facebook and Twitter boost on the traditional email approach strategy because the client moderates their own social network, only including as friends or following who they want. A post to a Facebook wall or a tweet that appears in a customers Twitter feed is more likely to be read and responded to than an email that ends up in their Junk or Spam email folder sometimes.

Facebook Marketing Salon Services, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.

Used effectively the BeautyShopSoftware social networking features will maximise the beauty salon’s business potential. Any last minute availability in the appointment book can be Tweeted or released to your Facebook wall and the message customised to include a direct link to your BeautyShopSoftware online booking page. Friends and followers can just follow the link and get instant access and then book directly, what could be easier!

Gain more appointments and let your Facebook fans, followers, existing and new  clients book appointments from your Facebook page. Your customers can schedule an appointment from the Facebook social website and you gain new customers and more appointments thanks to the power of social media.

Hi, I'm Martin and I'll present you the Facebook Marketing page.

Hi, I’m Martin and

I’ll present you the Facebook

Marketing page.

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