Salon Deposits

Deposits Reduce Costs of No Shows – in salon and online

When we try to encourage our clients to add online bookin

Salon Deposits

Salon Deposits

g to their website the concern which always shows up is ‘How can I be sure my competitors won’t book me up in my agenda? At BeautyShopSoftware we identified this in the early day and integrated in a number of safe guards that reduced the risk. You could restrict the feature of ‘Open Up Appointments’ any one customer can have before allowing them to access the online booking page and of course you can disable their access totally if you feel they are not genuine clients.


Both of these go some means however the simply true secure guard to prevent this and also to additionally reduce the costs of no shows is to ask for a deposit at the time of reservation. For these reason when we built the new booking system designed for mobiles, tablets and and laptops/pc including full websites we decided that we should add an option to take a deposit before the appointment is confirmed.

We have actually released the deposit system with payment support for PayPal credit/debit cart payments. The ‘Online Booking Settings’ allow you to easily request the size of the deposit as a percentage of the full service costs. As well as adding the appointment into the Day Book Calendar, the deposit and the payment status will be shown in the ‘Day Book’ also in the customer account section of the software.

If you have any questions or would like to enable deposits on your online booking system then please contact our support team. Salon Deposits.

Hi, I'm Emily and I'll present you the Deposits Control page.

Hi, I’m Emily and

I’ll present you the

Deposits Control page.

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