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Hair & Beauty Salon Software

Hair & Beauty Spa Software

The Most Complete Up-to-Date Salon Software In The World, POS Management Software System CRM, For Your Salon & All Service-Based Businesses.

Designed To Save You Time, Designed To Make You More Money, Designed For You. Real-Time Full Control. It Is Time To Take Control Of Your Business.

Who is for? is the most complete professional software for any type of business that requires appointment booking POS, and management reporting. We specifically design our software for use in All Service-Based Businesses and in the following industries:

Beauty Salons, Hair Salons, Nail Salons, Booth Renters, Barber Shops, Massage Studios, Tanning Salons, Medical Spas, Franchises with multiple locations, Hospitality Industry, Cosmetology & Hair Schools, Box Training, Personal Training, Dance, Fitness, Salon, Spas, Pilates, Massage, Yoga, Wellness, Martial Arts, Sports Performance, Physical Therapy, Franchise, Health Club & All Service-Based Businesses . Beauty Salon Software, Nail Salon Software, Salon Software UK.

SpaManagementSoftware Editions

The Ultimate Appointment Hair & Beauty Spa Software Is A Complete Up-to-Date Software That Takes Care Of Every Single Aspect Of Running Your Business.

Read On To Learn Why We’re Loved By Salon Owners And All Our Customers. Hair & Beauty Salon. Designed For All Service-Based Businesses.

We Offer More Than Just A Software. Make your salon more profitable!
Make your salon more efficient! Make the most of your time!

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Hair & Beauty Salon Software – Some Of Our Great Features

Online Booking Add-on Fully Responsive

Fully connected in Real-Time with Hair & Beauty Salon Software

Open your salon to new appointments opportunities 24/7/365 with the most effective fully-responsive online booking add-on & software on the market.

As a fully-integrated feature, Hair & Beauty Salon Software UK online booking system allows you to take appointments and upfront payments without the risk of overlapping or double-booking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Allow your clients to create appointments online, increasing exposure and availability of your services. All the clients booking online will free up your front desk staff and allow them to use more of the marketing features of our software.

Boosting Profits With Our Smart Marketing Online Fully Integrated With Our Hair & Beauty Salon Software

Total Management Control
Total Management Software Control comes with features including Client Management Control, Staff Management Control, Stock and Products Control and more great features.

POS (point of sale)
POS (point of sale) feature is a lightning fast cash till, where all aspects of payment are handled in a simple step-by-step manner. You will manage vouchers, discounts, loyalty cards and promotions quickly and easily. You can even handle the difficulty of paying for a group of services and products in one transaction. At the end of each day, a simple one report up feature will wrap up all the days takings into a professional report.

Stock and Product Management
To maintain salon profitability it is essential to have reliable stock control. Hair & Beauty Salon Software UK ensures that your stock levels are tightly controlled via the POS (point of sale) and stock reminder features and reports, tracking all stock used internally as well as stock sold via the POS (point of sale). Our inventory tracking system keeps you organized, ensuring that you do not overstock.

Business Reports and Finances
Reporting An All Aspects Of The Salon For Employee, Services, Clients, more. Hair & Beauty Salon Software reports provide you the option to quickly gain access to information data on all aspects of your company from sales to staff efficiency in either summary or in-depth format.

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The Perfect Salon Software

Increase Average Spend, Increase Client Visits With The Hair & Beauty Salon Software

Appointment Book, Diary Booking System,  Intuitive day book appointment makes scheduling your customers in for treatments quick and very easy, which is crucial for a busy beauty salon. The huge advantages of keeping a greater level of info with the Salon Software include: the capability to do even more concentrated marketing, maintain a far better connection with your clients and also it offers you the possibility to recognize  your customers much better than you ever have done before.

Marketing, Gift Vouchers, Voucher Cards, Loyalty Cards, Increase Referrals
Promote your business, and look good doing it, with customized or pre-designed gift cards that can be reloaded and reused and integrate directly with the POS. With our marketing, you’ll experience salon growth like never before. Benefits of using ourSoftware, appointment booking and reminder system include Retain Existing customers Using Our Salon SMS Marketing Feature, Increased client loyalty, More frequent visits, Additional services and treatments, Higher product sales, Team member retention, Increased salon profile and status, Keep your customers coming back, more often, Integrated Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards and Voucher Cards  that helps you to keep track of your salon performance using our technology, rather than a calculator.

Client Management, Client record details, Purchase History Are Kept Automatically & Managed On The System keeps complete track of all customers details. Your customers are your most essential possession, that’s why it is crucial that you have all the details for each and every customer who visit.  The clients database allows you keep vital information such as: name, date of birth, telephone number, address, e-mail address, warning notes, discount level, voucher code, forms signed, order history, appointments history, account balance, and more.

Unlimited Staff Management, Manage Staff Schedules, The It Was Designed To Save You Time

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    Over 10 years’ experience

    Our team has over 10 years experience and skills in delivering business benefit using software engineering and web technology, also working with the latest technologies from the software and web industry. Most of our team have a background in software development and web engineering, we’ve been working with software and computers long enough to know what works, so you’ll benefit from this experience whether you are launching a new business in the Hair and Beauty Industry or building and grow an existing business. Choose today.

    Our editions:

    1.PREMIUM EDITION – Perfect For One Professional That Is Working As A Self Employed
    Perfect For A Smaller Salon With 2-6 Employees
    Great For Salons With More Than 6 Employees *Most Popular
    Put Our On More Computers
    – If You Have Multiple Locations That You Need To Manage
    It is Perfect For Your Business If You Are A FRANCHISE OWNER

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