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COMPREHENSIVE SPA MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE spa management software gives your entire company a 360-degree view of your clients, appointments and facilitates collaboration across your organisation, helping you build strong, lasting customer relationships to run and grow your spa business. Grow Sales. Save Time. Get Organized.



Driving clients to your website for online bookings is a great way to generate new appointments and clients. This will be compatible on any device thanks to the real-time fully-responsive connection with the spa management software online from anywhere at any time, 24/7/365.


Spa Management Software MARKETING

With the great marketing automation technology we offer to handle much of the organisational grunt work, and tools to keep everything neat. Your spa can harness its inflow of bookings to start driving business results. Automated different activities it could save a lot of time for you to grow your spa.



Connect with tablets to save time when signing client consent forms, letters and notes. This has made it a lot easier for spa owners to communicate and collaborate with their team to get organised and resources. saw the potential of this to power how spa owners will manage their clients relationships more intelligently.



The new spa management software allows you to plan and monitor your clients treatment for both new and existing clients. With a simple touch, you can enhance your clients features using the procedure used in your clients treatment programme. You can also compare the progress of the treatment using before and after images saved under the clients profile.



Own an App! Quickly build and deploy your own branded App for your spa to engage and impress clients. spa management solutions allows your clients to save time when booking, paying online deposits and searching for procedures from all devices. This will open up new communication channels for spa owners maximising the exposure of the spa. 



As you consider spa management software solutions, it’s important to recognise how your clients and technology are rapidly developing. Now-a-days people are always on, connected and incredibly mobile. When considering any new tool, you should make sure the technology enhances this shift in productivity, and fits into your team’s existing work flow.



For your spa management recommends smartwatches. This new device that sits on your wrist will tell you what’s up. Not only for clients but staff who will be notified when their next client has arrived with just the flick of a wrist. Discreet, with no interruptions smartwatches can help staff save time and plan ahead.  



Why not sell your spa favourites online giving your clients that spa feeling on the go, wherever they are, this will direct more clients your way from nearly every industry.  From organic traffic to your website, to paid promotions and banner ads, a company’s reach is virtually limitless and has the ability to grow their sales exponentially by selling products online and taking online appointments and payments from new customers.




From Anywhere At Any Time spa management software allows your team to book and manage appointments and all the data about clients so the information’s available in real time at each interaction. Saving time is a big challenge for a spa management team, but surprisingly using the software with a PC, tablet and smart-phone as a part of the regular work-flow will allow staff to organise their time effectively. 

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Spa Forms

Records And Paperless Forms

Save time and sign paperless consultation forms from any tablet / iPad; change and edit the inquiries within spa management software, save the form away against the customer record card as well as export this to clients in PDF format. Paperless tablet customer consultation forms personalised customer consultation form, includes recommended services and products.

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Online, Mobile, Everywhere

For spa management SMS text marketing, email marketing, technics and strategies is a great way to communicate with clients. With the great marketing automation technology we offer to handle much of the organisational grunt work, and tools to keep everything neat, a business can harness its inflow of bookings to start driving business results.

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Spa Management Accounts

Real-Time & Integrations

Our spa management software helps you to plan ahead and identify new opportunities to grow your business, developing your spa. Professional business reporting is delivered as standard within, we will aid you in managing your spa and organising your time in the spa effectively. You can also connect the software with XERO accounting and finance to help manage your accounts effectively.

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Smart Reports

Comprehensive And KPIs spa management reports provide you the option to access information on all aspects of your spa from sales to staff efficiency in either summary or excel format. has a core collection of reports that assist and help the spa manager evaluate and analyse the performance of the spa, services, staff and products. These are accessible online as well at any moment and from anywhere via the internet.

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Total Stock Management

To maintain your spa profitability it is essential to have reliable stock control. ensures that your stock levels are tightly controlled via the Point of Sale (POS) and stock reminder features and reports, tracking all stock used internally as well as stock sold via the Point of Sale (POS).

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Real-Time Sync offers a all-in-one solution built based around your multiple branches. We will provide you with a multi-location management facility placing all your branches in one place. This will provide you with the full control for your business, consistency, comprehensive records and  the security you need to manage your businesses better than ever, including our professional class support.

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Lead Management

New Opportunities

As a spa owner/ manager enhance productivity with collaboration and customisation. can serve as a vital root centre to manage the many aspects needed in a growing spa including the vital Lead Management.

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Online Spa Bookings

Fully Responsive, Any Device

Open your spa to new appointments opportunities with the most effective spa booking software. As a fully-integrated feature, our online booking software add-on allows you to take appointments and upfront payments without the risk of overlapping or double-booking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Allowing your clients to create appointments online, increasing exposure and availability of your services. Clients booking online will free up your front desk staff and allow them to use more of the marketing features of our software. 

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Before/After The Treatment

This rejuvenation feature will allow your clients to monitor the progress of their treatments. You will be able to take compare images from day one to the current and they can watch their progress unfold. All images will be saved under the clients profile where you will be able to send them a PDF format of these images, this can be done using both PC and tablet on windows or iOS.  

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Treatment Prescriptions

Right From Your Tablet

For clients that need to maintain their treatments, the use of prescriptions and customer information forms will allow staff to give their clients recommended products to maintain their treatment. They can just save this on the client profile and edit, print or send by email to their customers or via SMS text with only a touch of a finger. 

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Consent and Online Forms

Totally Paperless

Client consent form iPad / tablet provides a simple and secure way to electronically sign documents and collect signatures from your clients. The solution eliminates the hassle, costs, and lack of security in printing and faxing. This allows you to open PDF files directly from customer account, always free and easy to use, create your signature and initials using your finger, add text to your forms such as name, company, address, date, questions, answer options, and more.

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Spa Loyalty Points and Cards

Share Happiness

As your customers sing your praises about your excellent services, why not say thank you with a spa loyalty card. You can offer them a discount for every client they refer to you or some points which they can redeem towards their next treatment. The very best advertising and marketing to have is through word of mouth, and spas have a seen a dramatic increase in revenue with our program. 

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Packages of Spa Treatments

Courses And Sessions

Each time a client has a session, the minutes for this session is automatically readjusted by the appropriate number of available units or available minutes. Saving time you time as there is no need for you to manually calculate the number of sessions remaining on each of your clients courses, this is done by our smart software. Our software can maintain any number of course types simultaneously for each customer.

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Spa Documents and Files

Save Time

Our spa file management control will give you access to manage and exchange important files of your spa such as invoices, receipts, documents, scans, and more with your staff members and between branches. You will have no limit to upload and download important spa documents from one location to another, all will be kept safe and secure. 

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Voucher Gift Cards

Top-Up And Share

Promote your spa, and look good doing it! Customise or pre-designed gift cards that can be reloaded and reused, just integrate directly with the POS. Our in house graphic designers are available to assist with card design using your logo. From simple to complex, we provide fast, accurate and high quality plastic card products at competitive prices.

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Online Shop

Sale Products Online

Sell spa products online in order to increase the sales and take advantage of the following benefits: Reach a new global audience, increased interaction with your customers, your business is open 24 hours, seven days a week, level playing field, data tracking and gathering, low start-up and maintenance costs, reduce marketing and advertising costs,  flexibility and speed, keep up with your competitors, reduce processing costs and receive payments quicker.

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iPhone & Android Branded Apps

Mobile On The Go

Be different and start creating your own branded spa app. Use this to promote your special offers to your customers enabling them to book appointments and access their accounts with a single touch of a finger. Stay in contact with your customers and outline your business in the App Store and Android Market.

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More Re-Bookings

Use the software to control when reminders are sent. This can be on the day of the appointment or any-time before. Each appointment reminder message can be personalised with the customers name and appointment details. After that the system will recall all your clients and grow your sales.

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Sales Cycle

Grow Sales Responsively

Using the ultimate sales cycle you can plan and execute SMS texts marketing campaigns & email newsletter marketing campaigns on automated pilot. Using marketing automation optimises the sales flow. Set-up auto response emails and SMS texts. These business applications are used to increase productivity, to measure productivity and to perform spa functions accurately.

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Technologies Used / Integrate with Applications that Provide Value: Paypal; Xero; Braintree; MailChimp; Aweber; Paysafe; Google Authenticator; IceTrak; Duo Security Code Auth / SMS / Call; Facebook; Twitter; Cloud Technology; etc.

SOCIAL MEDIA (Facebok/Twitter/Insta)

Install our management software app on your company Facebook Business Page and your customers can make bookings directly from Facebook, You can also do the same with all the social media networks including Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest


We understand a customer clinic software system is a big step for a business to take and that’s why we are providing comprehensive training. There is a level of understanding we feel every client should target, and it’s our job to lead you quickly there


Please note that takes your privacy and data security very seriously. Data Protection Act Registered. Https Security Certificates & Encrypted all connections. Plus Two-Factor Auth App; SMS; Call; Google Authenticator to protect and secure


We fully comply with the requirements for all of our services and products to be GDPR ready.

We have been working with GDPR for a long time to analyse and make the necessary changes to our services, procedures, and organization.


Our cloud hosting provider is committed to the highest standards of information security, privacy and transparency and ensures that a high priority is placed on protecting and managing all data, and will comply with all applicable regulations and ensure that as a data processor all contractual obligations for our products and services are met.

PCI-DSS & SSL COMPLIANT takes your privacy and data security very seriously. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Compliant and Data Protection Act Registered.
All communications with our servers are encrypted with SSL/TLS (warranty of $1,750,000. For improved Security we also offer the ability to use two-factor authentication!

ICD-10 Database fully compatible

ClinicSoftware integrates the ICD-10 Database - International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems 10th Revision. gives you the ability to fast lookup of all current ICD-10-CM (diagnosis) and ICD-10-PCS (procedure) medical billing codes.